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JRP Driving School

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United State’s Only Can-Am Driving School for Youths! 
Next Can-Am Driving School starts September 9. Call JRP Speedway at 918-446-7000
for details.
JRP Can-Am Driving School 
We offer a comprehensive driving school for children ages 5 through 15. Students learn 
safe driving techniques, eye-hand foot coordination, braking, throttle, steer and driving 
courtesy. They also learn how internal combustion engines work, carburetion, gearing, 
and horsepower vs. torque, aerodynamics and car feel. Our Can-Am cars are purpose 
built, and are adjustable for a wide variety of driver sizes. The Can-Am Driving School is 
a seven week, twenty one hour course that ends with a graduation ceremony and race. 
Cost is $460. Everything the student needs to get started is included. After a student has 
graduated they are eligible to participate in our Can-Am Race Series Cup. The Can-Am 
race Series Cup is a fifteen race series starting on Saturday evenings, April thru 
November running every other Saturday. Late Summer Driving School begins in 
September and runs through October on each Saturday from 9 am to noon, with 
graduation the end of October. On alternating Saturday evenings we will have open 
practice for those who want extra seat time. Call track to confirm enrollment at 








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