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Technical Inspection

All machines entering the track will be required to pass a technical inspection.
 This will be required only once per bike per event with the only exception being if you
 are involved in a crash or are black flagged off of the track.
Things we will be inspecting:
1.      Self closing throttle;
2.      Operational front and rear brakes;
3.      Operational kill switch;
4.      Kickstart lever secured;
5.      All blinkers removed and any headlights and/or taillights taped up;
6.      Front number plate (5” min) and side number plates (3” min);
7.      All fluid retaining plugs (oil and/or transmission) and hoses be safety wired;
8.      Tires must be in good working condition.
This is by no means an exhaustive list.
Any items that the tech inspector feels should be corrected must be taken care of
before entering the track.
If you have any questions or require any help in getting your machine track worthy,
please ask and we will be glad to help anyway we can.



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