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Oklahoma SuperBikers Associated Cost, Refund, & Points Structure

 Rider’s school is mandatory for all new members unless they can provide proof of prior race license from another club such, i.e. - CMRA, AMA, WERA, CMRRA, SEMRA, TMGP, or a completed advanced rider’s school.  Rider’s school will consist of classroom instruction and your ability to demonstrate safe riding skills during morning practice. 

 Race Fees

F1                    1st Class -$25,  Practice only $10

F2 - F6            1st Class -$50, 2nd Class- $25, 3rd Class- $10, Practice only $25

License Fee      - $30 a year, Includes Yearly Race License, T-Shirt, & Rider’s School.

Family License- $50 per year, Includes Yearly Race License, T-Shirt, & Rider’s School      for each person within the family who is participating in the race event.  You may purchase addition T-shirts for $10 a piece. 

Sprint Points

1st – 15             5th – 9              9th – 5             13th – 1

2nd – 13            6th - 8               10th - 4

3rd – 11            7th – 7              11th - 3

4th – 10            8th – 6              12th - 2

Races 1-3 are not heat races or qualifiers.  Upon entry into a class you are guaranteed the opportunity to run all three races.  Your points from all three races will be tallied and the rider with the most points in each class will be determined the VICTOR!!!! Race #3 is worth double points which directly relates to the # of laps. In the event of a tie in points, race finishes will be the tie breaker. 

 Refund Policy

Our refund policy is simple and nondiscriminatory.  You pay to play.  If you participate in practice and are unable to race for whatever reason your refund will be deducted the cost of practice ($25).  If you make grid for race 1 or enter the track at any point during race 1 you will not be guaranteed a refund.  This refund policy is to protect the folks who have unforeseen mechanical failure or injury during practice and cannot participate in the races.



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