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Meet the Oklahoma Super Bikers 

Who are we?

We are a diverse group of motorcycle enthusiasts that enjoy taking our passion to the next level.  Our members consist of pro and semi-pro level racers, club racers, track day participants, and motorcycle commuters. The main thing we have in common is the drive to push a motorcycle to each of our respective personal limits (and beyond on occasion) in a safe and controlled environment.

 One of the main reasons for forming the Oklahoma SuperBikers was to provide a place for our younger children to learn the finer points of road racing at an early stage in riding development. We also strive to teach more than just riding skills, we believe that our kids are building relationships and learning lessons that will be with them a lifetime. This sport has a funny way of teaching a child exactly what they need.  We have seen the most introverted and shy child come out of their shell with a boost in both self esteem and a new found confidence. On the flip side, we have also witnessed the overly aggressive extrovert receive a reality check and become much more respectful of their environment due to participation in motor sports. Most importantly, we are promoting a family atmosphere where every child is a winner! 

 We at Oklahoma SuperBikers truly believe that our sport offers the best of both worlds between team and individual competition. There is no doubt that when the helmet goes on you are an individual, everything come into a sharp personal focus; it is just you, the bike, and the track!  But, when the session comes to an end and you remove the helmet, you will experience a camaraderie with your fellow racers that is virtually unattainable elsewhere.  If this sounds like something that either you or your family would benefit from then please contact us today at www.omgpguy@yahoo.com

 Our Mission

It is our mission to promote the sport of motorcycle road racing by offering a great learning platform for our young members as well as providing a competitive racing environment for everyone involved.         

Special Thanks

We at Oklahoma SuperBikers would like to give a special thanks to Alf Gebhardt and everybody at JRP Speedway for their constant support and enthusiasm for motorcycle racing at their facility. We have never come across ownership that are as helpful and accommodating as JRP has been to us and we feel extremely honored to consider JRP Speedway as the Oklahoma SuperBikers’ home track.

Please visit JRPs at www.jrpspeedway.com and see what all they have to offer not only for motorcycling, but also kart racing and rental, oval racing, and banquet amenities.

 Additional Thanks

 We would also like to thank:

 Marshall Baker at www.poorlittlemusicboy.com for his help in developing our website;

 The guys at www.betterforbrian.com for logo design and site photography.



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